February 04, 2020

Good news to all employers! Sapience Counselling offers debt counselling for your employees.It has been an ongoing study that stress caused by financial worries has and will always have a negative impact on employee productivity.By offering our Debt Counselling services to your employees who are experiencing debt stress, we will empower your employees with relevant information they need in order to become financially fit again. This in turn and will result in a more engaged and stable workforce.Benefits of Debt Counselling/ Debt review in the workplace:

- Free Consultations
- Free Presentations
- We come to your offices and meet the employees for their convenience
- Free workshops on educating employees on how to manage their personal finances
- Debt Counselling is 100% free for the employer. Employees will pay a reduced installment in terms of the National Credit Act
- Decreases Employees Financial Stress Levels
- Improved performance
- Decrease absenteeism
- Minimize employee mistake that was caused due to financial stresses and pressure received from loan sharks, debt collection agencies and lawyers
- Minimize garnishes orders
- Reduce requests for staff loans or pay advances
- Have an educated workforce who knows how to manage their personal finances
- Presentations will be held in groups but consultations are held privately with each interested employee for the sake of confidentiality.

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